Historic Markers: Mission Hill

Historic American Brewing Company - 249A Heath St.

Designed by architect Frederick H. Footman in 1891, this richly-ornamented Queen Anne complex is the most outstanding survivor of the many breweries that once thrived along the Stony Brook Valley. The American Brewing Company was formed by Irish immigrant John W. Kinney and managed by Gottlieb Rothfuss. Kinney, a local wholesale liquor dealer, became a major developer of the beer industry in Roxbury. Prohibition effectively ended brewing here in 1929.

Mission Church - 1525 Tremont St.

Many of the families who owned and staffed the breweries along Roxbury's Stony Brook were German (and later Irish) Catholics. In 1869, the largely German order of Redemptorist priests established a small mission here on Parker Hill. By the 1920's, the great church dominated the landscape and defined the neighborhood as Mission Hill. The present basilica, dedicated to Our Lady Of Perpetual Help, was built in 1876. Its architects were Schickel and Ditmars also of German heritage. The Roxbury puddingstone used in the massive Romanesque style edifice was quarried right next door.

Haskell Home for Nurses - 63 Parker Hill Ave.

This Colonial Revival building, built in 1922 as the New England Baptist School of Nursing, was a safe haven and home for young student nurses. Constructed by architect Edward S. Read, it was named after Boston businessman Edward H. Haskell. Nursing’s professional role grew here from non-medical housekeeping tasks to increased responsibility and greater engagement in patient care and specialized procedures. The Haskell Home provided a secure, convenient environment where student nurses could be fed and housed close to their employer.