Mapping Revolutionary Boston

Enter the hidden world of Revolutionary Boston as you navigate the streets of the modern city!

Mapping Revolutionary Boston
Mapping Revolutionary Boston allows you to explore an interactive map of Boston during the 1760s and 1770s, as tensions mounted between Great Britain and its American colonies. Step back in time by touching the colored pins on the map. Who walked these streets 250 years ago? Where did they live and work? How did they view Boston's place in the British empire and how did they voice their beliefs? As you explore Mapping Revolutionary Boston, you'll find answers to these questions and, we hope, discover entirely new questions of your own.

iPhone App
Use the Mapping Revolutionary Boston app on your iPhone to build a customized walking tour of your favorite sites and export it to a modern map of the city. If you prefer to explore as you go, the app can also identify the historic sites nearest to where you happen to be standing and provide directions to take you there. However you choose to use it, Mapping Revolutionary Boston opens an iPhone-sized window on the American Revolution and the important role that the people of Boston played in shaping it.

Mapping Revolutionary Boston - The Bostonian Society

Desktop Version
Mapping Revolutionary Boston can also be experienced in higher resolution on your computer. Click on the icon below to launch the program and explore eighteenth-century Boston.

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