About the Bostonian Society


Mission Statement

The Bostonian Society is dedicated to studying, and preserving Boston’s uniquely important history, embodied in materials, records, and structures such as the Old State House, and in sharing an understanding of the revolutionary ideas born here.


At a special meeting of the Bostonian Society’s Board of Directors in April 2009, a new strategic plan was adopted that maps out exciting new directions for our 128-year-old institution. 

The Society’s initial focus will be on the comprehensive restoration and re-interpretation of the Old State House.  Plans are being developed to complete a comprehensive restoration and ongoing maintenance program for this landmark, and to create a ‘must-see’ visitor experience here that will be fun, educational, and substantive.

For the first time, we will explain clearly why this is such an extraordinarily important historic site - located at the crossroads of the city and at the very center of events in Revolutionary Boston.  The world was forever changed by events in Boston that were all connected to this building during the decades preceding 1776.  This reinterpretation will aim at bringing to life the people, ideas, and events that made Boston the birthplace of the American Revolution. 

As we move forward in implementing the new plan, we will be redeveloping our logo, website, and image.  Please continue to check back for updates on our progress.

An executive summary of the Bostonian Society’s strategic plan can be found here


  - Brian W. J. LeMay, Executive Director