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The Society and Old State House in the News

BTL − "32 Coolest East Coast Historic Landmarks You Need to Visit"

ABC News − "Boston Puzzling Over How to Get Time Capsule Out of Lion's Head" (24 Sept 2014)

Boston Magazine − "It's Official: There's a Time Capsule Inside the Head of the Lion from the Old State House" (23 Sept 2014)

The Boston Globe − "Time capsule found inside Old State House lion statue" (23 Sept 2014) − "113-Year-Old Time Capsule Found Inside Old State House Statue" (23 Sept 2014)

Boston Herald − "Lion may guard Boston time capsule" (15 Sept 2014)

The Boston Globe − "The history behind Boston's first fashionista" (25 Jun 2014)

The Boston Globe − "Bostonian Society displays colonial wedding dress" (21 Jun 2014)

m/Oppenheim TV's Insight − "A Minute with Brian Lemay, President and Executive Director of the Bostonian Society" (23 May 2014) − "Boston's Council Chamber Transforms Into A Unique Interactive Exhibit" (3 April 2014)

Fieldstone Common − "Dr. Nathaniel Sheidley talks about the 300th Anniversary of the Old State House" (24 Jul 2013)

Comcast Newsmakers − "A conversation with Brian LeMay, Bostonian Society President and Executive Director" (Jul 2013)

The Boston Globe - Opinion, Keith Lockhart − "Where it all really began: The Old State House, a symbol of the path to independence, needs a facelife" (4 May 2013)

Where Boston − "Three Cheers for History" (1 May 2013)

Boston Parents Paper − "Calendar Hot Tip - Boston Treasure Turns 300" (May 2013 Issue)

Big Red & Shiny − "The Bostonian Society to Restore Unicorn atop The Old State House" (21 Mar 2013)

The Independent − "Slice of the City: To the heart of American independence in Boston" (3 Feb 2013)

Antiques Roadshow − The Society's copy of Revere's Boston Massacre print was featured when the show visited Boston (28 Jan 2013)

Boston Business Journal − “Time Now to Prepare for 1776's 250th” (31 Aug 2012)

Press Releases

Lion and Unicorn return to Old State House and new time capsule inserted (19 Nov 2014)

Old State House undergoes major restoration (28 Aug 2014)

Newly conserved 18th century wedding gown on display for one night only at Old State House (17 Jun 2014)

Innovative exhibition to open in Old State House Council Chamber (10 Jan 2014)

Bostonian Society provides students with virtual field trips of Old State House (5 Sept 2013)

Bostonian Society named Champion in Action (22 Jul 2013)

Grant from DAR helps bring colonial characters to life at Old State House (13 Jun 2013)

Boston Iconic Historic Building Marks 300 Years (23 Apr 2013)

1763 Peace of Paris to Come to Old State House (7 Feb 2013)

About the Bostonian Society

Established in 1881, the nonprofit Bostonian Society is the primary steward and caretaker of the Old State House and its collection of Revolutionary American artifacts and records. The Society is twice credited with rescuing the Old State House from destruction, first organizing opposition to its demolition as a ‘traffic impediment,’ and later to the rejection of an offer by Chicago's citizens to move the building to Lake Michigan. Since then it has preserved and maintained this national historic treasure and interpreted for the public the important stories contained herein. In addition to operating a museum of Revolutionary Boston history, the Bostonian Society maintains a research library and a collection of over 7,500 books, 350 maps, and over 30,000 photographs. The Bostonian Society also holds an extensive collection of paintings, statuary, clothing, weaponry, medals, and ephemera. The Bostonian Society is dedicated to studying, and preserving Boston's uniquely important history, embodied in materials, records, and structures such as the Old State House, and in sharing with the public an understanding of the important revolutionary ideas born here.

About the Old State House

Historians agree that no surviving landmark from pre-revolutionary America equals the importance of the Old State House in recounting the story of our nation's struggle for freedom. Built in 1713 as the seat of Royal government in provincial Massachusetts, the Old State House both symbolized and helped define the place of the North American colonies in Britain's eighteenth-century empire. It was the center of activity during pre-revolutionary America. It remains nestled quietly in the heart of Boston's downtown financial district, its cornerstone still serving as Boston's zero milestone point. For 300 years, the Old State House has stood as a symbol of liberty, freedom and representative government. In 1770, the Boston Massacre occurred here. In July 1776, the Declaration of Independence was first read to the jubilant citizens of Boston from its balcony. Within its halls, our founding fathers articulated the fundamental ideas that formed the foundation of our nation, and still inform our issues today. It was here, John Adams wrote, that “the child independence was born.” And it was here John Hancock assumed office as the Commonwealth's first democratically-elected governor under the Massachusetts Constitution, the world's oldest written constitution still in use.

About the Old State House Tercentenary Celebration in 2013

While the Old State House is viewed as a Boston icon, its importance is not always adequately explained to the 100,000 people visiting it each year. Little about the immensely important events that occurred here is understood by most visitors, and even by most Bostonians, for whom it is merely a quaint, oddly-mute old building. On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Old State House, the Bostonian Society is launching a dramatic new ‘must-see’ visitor experience and an ambitious three-phased restoration of the site that will restore it to its former glory and illuminate for the public what happened here during the era that gave birth to our nation. The Old State House is an irreplaceable asset to Boston and indeed to America. The Bostonian Society is working to transform this extraordinarily important site into a place of nationally-recognized significance and the pride of the Commonwealth.

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