Image Reproductions, Fees and
Obtaining Permission to Use

The Bostonian Society provides digital prints or scans of the images from our collections for educational, commercial, or personal use. Become a member and you will be eligible to receive a 20% discount on your reproduction cost. Be sure to read the guidelines below for information about using and reproducing images from the Bostonian Society collections. Permission is granted for ONE TIME, NON-EXCLUSIVE USE ONLY unless otherwise determined by a Letter of Permission. Please be advised that fulfillment of image orders takes two weeks from receipt of the request.

The charging of fees is based on the Bostonian Society's physical ownership of the images and not on copyright (for more information on copyright, see below).


Ordering Forms and Guidelines

All requests for reproductions for PUBLICATION must be made in writing using the Image Order Form.

All requests for reproductions for PERSONAL USE ONLY may be purchased online using the following Purchase Order Form.


Please send an email if you do not receive a response from the archivist within 7 days of submitting your order form.

For publication orders: Once you have searched the catalog and found the image(s) you want, note the title and item number as you will need this information to complete your order. After we receive your request, we will contact you with a written estimate. We require pre-payment and a signed Letter of Permission (to be supplied by the Society after approval of the estimated cost) before completing your order; this is non-negotiable. Permission to use the reproduction is granted for one-time use only. All subsequent uses must be made in writing.

Charges to non-profit organizations, university presses, and government agencies are discounted. Tax-exempt certificates must accompany non-profit requests.

Call The Bostonian Society at 617-720-1713 ext. 13 or e-mail us.

Fee Schedule

The Bostonian Society's fee for reproducing a photographic or fine art image from the collections is broken into two parts: a reproduction fee and a use fee. The reproduction fee covers the cost of acquiring the print or TIFF file from the Society. The use fee covers the cost for publishing an image in a book, magazine, newspaper, website, exhibition or public space, or any other public media. There is no use fee if the image is being used for personal reference or home display, or student use in a dissertation, thesis, or class presentation.




8"x10" digital print $30 b/w, $40 color
300 dpi TIFF file $30 b/w, $40 color
600 dpi TIFF file $35 b/w, $45 color
11" x 17" digital print $45 b/w, $55 color
Special Order Scanning additional $10 per image
Loan of Transparency $50 for 3 months
  $25 per month late fee
On-site photography and digitization Use Fee Only
Photography by hire photographer $100 set-up fee
Research for large photograph orders $50 per hour after 20 minutes




Student or personal reference or display: No use fee


Book publication:


Non-profit, scholarly, non-commercial

$15 b/w, $20 color


Non-profit book cover illustration

$50 b/w, $75 color


Non-profit commercial or large university press

$40 b/w, $50 color


For-profit press run of 5,000 or less

$25 b/w, $30 color


For-profit press run of 20,000 or less

$50 b/w, $75 color


For-profit press run of 20,000 to 50,000

$100 b/w, $125 color


For-profit book cover illustration

$200 b/w, $300 color


For-profit world-wide rights, 50,000+ or all media

$125 b/w, $150 color


Film and television broadcast productions:


Film, network and cable broadcast

$50 b/w, $75 color


Local or public television broadcast

$25 b/w, $35 color


Multi-media 5 years

$150 per image


Multi-media 10 years

$250 per image


Non-profit or educational slideshows

$10 per image

  DVD for commercial resale $100 per image


[Rights are not granted in perpetuity, but for life of single project]


Decoration or exhibit:


Non-profit exhibition or use in public space

$30 per image


Reproduction in public space or exhibit

$75 per image


Oversize using outside vendor

$50 per image


For commercial resale of oversize images

$20 per image


Mural in public space

$250 per image


Print advertisement (newspaper or magazine):


Half-page or smaller

$ 200 per image



$ 500 per image





$ 25 b/w, $35 color


Six months or more commercial

$75 b/w, $100 color


Only a 72 dpi version of the image can be used and the credit line of “The Bostonian Society” must be imbedded in the file.


Merchandising and Promotional Use (posters, postcards, calendars)
Cost will be determined per written request. The Bostonian Society reserves the right to decline a proposed use that it deems does not compliment its institutional mission.




Student use:
There is no fee for use in a dissertation, thesis, or class presentation. Letter of permission is required.

Volume reduction:
With a request for the use of more than four images in a single project, a 20% reduction in fees will be granted.

Altering or cropping images:
Any alteration of a Bostonian Society image must be approved before use.

Copies of finished products:
The Bostonian Society requests that a copy of any finished project be provided to the Library.

The Bostonian Society does not own copyright on all collections in its holdings. Researchers who obtain permission to publish from the Bostonian Society are responsible for securing copyright from the persons or organizations that hold copyright. We will assist you in determining the copyright owner to the best of our ability.

Images from the library collection may not be reproduced without the written consent of The Bostonian Society. Signed approval of a Letter of Permission, and payment of use fees constitutes permission to publish.

Permission is granted for ONE TIME, NON-EXCLUSIVE USE ONLY unless otherwise determined by the Letter of Permission. Permission is granted for the purpose given in the “Statement of Intended Use.” Any reproduction or subsequent use of the provided copies is prohibited without the express written permission of The Bostonian Society and payment of additional use fees. Unauthorized use will result in a charge of double the fee rate.

The Bostonian Society will not sign any permission or licensing forms submitted by the requester.