Old State House Preservation

The Old State House is almost 300 years old, and it needs constant care. The Bostonian Society recently assumed authority for capital projects at the Old State House. To address the multi-faceted needs of this local and National Historic Landmark, the Society has developed a comprehensive master plan for the stabilization, restoration, and re-interpretation of the building.

Preservation efforts at the Old State House garnered The Bostonian Society a 2006 national award from the American Association for State and Local History and are featured in an episode of the History Channel’s series Save Our History.

Lion's Head Time Capsule

What would you put in a time capsule today? This fall we will open the time capsule placed in the Lion's head in 1901 and hopefully fine some cool treasures. Before the Lion goes back to his perch on the Old State House we plan to put a new time capsule in and you can help us by giving suggestions on what you think should be in this new time capsule.

Email suggestions here or make your suggestions on the Bostonian Society's facebook page using #lionandunicorn

We salute our preservation team

Storeygard Associates Architects
Preservation Technology Associates, LLC
Commodore Builders


The Old State House is owned by the City of Boston and operated on behalf of its citizens by The Bostonian Society. The Bostonian Society is pleased to partner with the City of Boston and the National Park Service in the ongoing restoration and preservation of the Old State House.


For information on ways in which you can help preserve this national treasure, please call (617) 720-1713 ext. 16, or send an email.