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George F. Savage , ca. 1926
Courtesy of the
Milton Historical Society
George F. Savage
From The Chocolate Press - June 19, 1926:

“George F. Savage, Master Mechanic, was born in Newmarket, N.H., on Christmas Day, 1856. After attending the public schools of that town and those of Portsmouth, N.H., he studied the trade of Millwright under the tutelage of his father in the Newmarket mills. A year or so here, another at Manchester, N.H., and he was found back at Newmarket as foreman of the Millwrights. This position he left to come with the Walter Baker & Co., on April 6, 1886. At this time the Plant consisted of the Pierce, Adams and Webb mills. Each mill had its own Engine and Boiler Room, the driving of machines being all accomplished by belt or rope drives. Then came the addition of Mills, Repair Shop, Storehouses, Power Plant, Mechanical Refrigeration, Gas and Electric Trucks, and innumerable new machines. All these changes and installations created a great deal of work for the Machine Shop, not to mention the office of the Master Mechanic. The shop grew from two men until now there are over sixty men in that department. When the Company purchased a new plant in Montreal, Canada, Mr. Savage was in charge of the installation of the machinery.

“During Mr. Savage’s forty years of service in this concern he has supervised and installed many innovations, not to mention the countless repairs. His record during that length of time has been spotless, except for one occasion, when at a banquet with some of his fellow workmen, a quart bottle of alleged liquor was removed from his person. The removal of the bottle likewise removed the stain upon his spotless record. In brief Mr. Savage might worthily be summed up in one word–INTEGRITY–for in the opinion of us all, he is the personification of the synonym, Rectitude.”