Revolutionary ideas were born here.

The Old State House is the oldest and most important public building in American history prior to the Revolution,
where John Adams insisted, “Independence was born.” Step back in time at this must-see destination on the Freedom Trail!

Welcome to the Old State House

The most important building in American history
before the Revolution!

Discover why the Revolution began here, with people and events that changed the world forever. Hear from famous revolutionaries like Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and John Adams, who debated basic ideas about self-government that we all believe today. Experience the true stories of ordinary people, whose lives were turned upside-down by revolutionary events and ideas. Explore the site of the Boston Massacre, where five men lost their lives. Relive the moment in July 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was first read to the people of Boston. Learn important things you never knew - things that are still important today.  

Step into Revolutionary Boston!

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