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One of the most famous incidents leading to the American Revolution is also one of the least understood. The Boston Massacre flared up from personal feuds and political clashes that transformed the occupied city of Boston into a powder keg ready to blow. Sift through the fact and fiction, the eyewitness accounts and the propaganda, to glimpse the true story within, and discover how one night in March of 1770 ignited the Revolutionary flame in the people of Boston and beyond.

Entrance is included with general admission to the Old State House.

This tour runs approximately 25 minutes. Please plan to arrive 5 minutes before the start of the tour.

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The Paul Revere engraving of the Boston Massacre.

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  • How do I get to the Old State House?
    Please visit our Maps & Directions page.

  • Where does the tour begin?
    The tour usually meets in the gift shop on the first floor of the Old State House, and usually continues either outside or into Keayne Hall on the first floor.

  • Are there any accessibility concerns to attend the exhibit?
    Please visit our Accessibility FAQs. If you are unable to go in and out of the building easily, please speak to the front desk and accommodations can be made to keep the tour indoors.

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