Our Mission

We bring people together to explore the vital debates about self-government that were sparked at the Old State House during Boston’s Revolutionary Era and that still animate our civic life today. We sustain the Old State House and our collections so that they will be an inspiration for generations to come.

About the Bostonian Society

Established in 1881, the nonprofit Bostonian Society is the primary steward of the Old State House and its collection of Revolutionary American artifacts and records. The Society was established at the dawn of the historic preservation movement, to rescue the Old State House from threatened demolition, and to preserve it on-site when an offer from Chicago's citizens proposed that it be moved to Lake Michigan. 

Today the Bostonian Society maintains this national historic treasure for the public, raising all funds for its ongoing preservation and restoration. The Society's staff interprets the Revolutionary-era history of Boston for future generations every day in the museum. In addition, the Bostonian Society maintains a research library and a collection of over 7,500 books, 350 maps, and over 30,000 photographs. The Society also makes accessible an extensive collection of paintings, sculpture, textiles, and archival materials for researchers and students.

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