Our Revolutionary Story

Native Bostonians and out-of-town visitors alike will want to make this your first stop at the Old State House. From occupation by British forces, to the Boston Massacre, to shaping the United States Constitution, Massachusetts and its citizens played a pivotal role in the birth of America. Stroll through time and watch the politics, the people, and even the geography of Boston change over the centuries as events unfold around you through unearthed artifacts and interactive maps.

Entrance is included with general admission to the Old State House.

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  • How do I get to the Old State House?
    Please visit our Maps & Directions page.

  • Where is the exhibit?
    The exhibit is held in Keayne Hall on the first floor of the Old State House.

  • Are there any accessibility concerns to attend the exhibit?
    Please visit our Accessibility FAQs.

  • Why are there so many reproductions on display?
    Many of the items in our collection are photosensitive and can be damaged by continued exposure to light. Some items are historical copies, such as the 1908 reprint of the Revere engraving of the Boston Massacre. Some items are reproductions commissioned by the Bostonian Society, such as the John Hancock coat. (Learn more about that process here.) The originals of both of these items are in secure storage, to be displayed on a limited basis in the future.

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