Join the Robert Keayne Society and
Preserve Your Revolutionary History Through a Bequest

When Bostonian Robert Keayne died in 1656 he bequeathed to the city of Boston £2500, to upgrade the infrastructure with an aqueduct, relieve the city’s poor, and fund the first Town House, a grand public meeting place. 

In 1658 the wooden Town House was built in the center of Boston, but destroyed by fire in 1711. Two years later, a brick structure—the Old State House—was built to replace it. The Old State House has stood for over 300 years in the spot of the original Town House.
Without the bequest Keayne made, this magnificent building might not have existed. Your bequest to the Bostonian Society will be as impactful to history as Robert Keayne’s. 

Including the Bostonian Society in Your Bequest

The easiest way to include the Bostonian Society in your estate plans is simply by making a gift to the Society or by adding a document (a codicil) to your will.  You might also choose to make the Bostonian Society the beneficiary of a retirement plan or insurance policy.  

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Recognizing your generosity

By including the Bostonian Society in your estate plans, you will become a member of the Robert Keayne Society, recognizing your contributions by:

    •  Inscribing your name on the Robert Keayne Society plaque, prominently displayed in the Old
        State House.    

    •  Acknowledgement in the Bostonian Society’s annual publication The Proceedings

    •  Invitations to exclusive events and programs


Create a Legacy for Your Grandchildren

For more than 130 years, the non-profit Bostonian Society has maintained the Old State House and a collection of artifacts relating to the history of Boston’s revolutionary story.

A gift from your estate to the Bostonian Society will provide ongoing support and ensure that the history preserved in the Old State House will be maintained for tomorrow’s generations.

“I decided to include the Society in my estate plans. If just 100 caring individuals leave $10,000 each to the Bostonian Society, the endowment will grow by more than a third.”
— Peter Kastner, Former Bostonian Society Treasurer

For more information, please contact the Director of Development at 617-720-1713.