Welcome to the inaugural post of the Bostonian Society’s blog, On King Street.  Since 1881, the Society has maintained and preserved the Old State House, the oldest public building surviving from British colonial America, one of the two most historically significant sites from our nation’s founding era, and one of the historic sites on Boston’s Freedom Trail.  The Society has used the restored interiors of the building to house a museum dedicated to Boston’s revolutionary history, and has amassed a large museum, library, and archival collection over the years.

Photo by Peter Leavitt
Each year approximately 100,000 visitors enter the Old State House to view exhibits, take tours, learn about the building, and participate in programs and events. This blog will allow us to open our virtual doors and share our news with visitors near and far.  We’ll use this space to highlight items from our museum and archives; provide a behind the scenes look into the continued preservation of the Old State House and our artifacts; and give information about the special events and programs that occur in our building.

Various staff members of the Bostonian Society will post to this blog, but the main contributors will be Tricia Gilrein, Collections Manager and Exhibits Coordinator; Matt Ottinger, Director of Facilities and Historic Preservation; and Elizabeth Roscio, Library and Archives Manager.  Always feel free to comment on our posts, or contact the post author directly with any questions!

To find out more about the history of our building, please visit our website.