A Stamp Act round-up

For the third year in a row, the Bostonian Society is proud to present Echoes of the Past, a one-day interactive mystery game in the streets of Boston that will send players into the city's past to search for clues while immersing them in the story of Boston’s famous Stamp Act protest.

Almanac Tax Stamp (1920.0002)

Almanac Tax Stamp (1920.0002)

Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 12, 2017 when free sessions of the game will be offered at 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., or 3:00 p.m. Join us in a full day of immersive history as we present an interactive history game that places you in the middle of the Stamp Act protest of 1765. Experience an 18th-century marketplace, converse with historic interpreters in period garb, and join in a raucous reenactment of the infamous protest marches through the streets of Boston.

Echoes of the Past is a fusion of interactive theater and puzzle-solving where participants will unravel the compelling true story of politics and intrigue and leave feeling excited about Boston’s history. Players are invited to begin their adventure at the registration table beside the entrance to the Old State House where they will receive an introduction and a guidebook. Players will meet live costumed interpreters, who will quickly draw players into the political intrigues of 1765. With riddles, ciphers, secret societies, grudges, and plots, every interaction will entertain and enlighten, and every player’s choices will make their experience unique.

We hope you will join us on August 12! Tickets are free, but register here.  And in the meantime, catch up on some of our previous blog posts about the Stamp Act protest and various individuals and artifacts associated with it.

In a series of two posts in 2015, Nat Sheidley, then the Society's Historian and Director of Public History, wrote about the Liberty Tree and Stamp Act protest, and examined the lanterns that adorned the tree - one of which is in our museum collection. These posts were in conjunction with a series of events that commemorated the 250th anniversary of the Stamp Act protest. Check out Boston's Liberty Tree Illuminated - Part I and Part II

An interesting item in our museum collection is the Liberty Tree Flag. In 2014, Kathryn Griffith, an intern with the History Department, devoted much of the summer to researching the flag and its provenance. She turned up some interesting information about one of the flag's former owners, Mr. Samuel Adams, a Boston wire-worker, who died in 1855 at age 96. Learn more about him in Not that Samuel Adams! -- Chasing a Revolutionary Patriot Across Boston - Part I and Part II