Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

See history come alive as downtown Boston transforms into Revolutionary Boston! Interpreters will populate the Old State House, depicting historic events and details of everyday life during the military occupation of the city by the King’s soldiers. Witness the shocking and pivotal events of March 1770; hear stories of patriots, loyalists, and moderates who lived through the occupation, and decide for yourself what really happened on the tragic night of the Boston Massacre.

Where & When

Events will take place in and around the Old State House in Downtown Boston.

About the Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre occurred outside the Old State House on March 5th, 1770, when a handful of the King’s soldiers fired into a taunting crowd of Massachusetts residents. Soldiers killed five citizens: Crispus Attucks, Samuel Gray, James Caldwell, Samuel Maverick, and Patrick Carr. Today, a circle of paving stones marks the site of the Boston Massacre in front of the Old State House to commemorate the loss of life and the significance of that historic moment.