Every year, the Bostonian Society depends on the knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm of volunteer interpreters and living historians to bring the story of the Boston Massacre to life at the Old State House.

The Boston Massacre commemoration and reenactment are juried events. If you are interested in participating in the 2018 Boston Massacre events, you must gain approval from the appropriate Volunteer Committee Member listed below. Email livinghistory@bostonhistory.org with your name, an indication of your experiencing volunteering for the Boston Massacre, and how you would like to participate in 2018.

All interpreters, and living historians will be required to:

  • Gain approval for participation in the Boston Massacre from a member of the Volunteer Committee.
  • Register online and complete the liability waiver form with the Bostonian Society.
  • Support our public engagement and historic interpretation goals by choosing a historically appropriate role or profession and class or social level. Additionally, all participants must have an understanding of how the military occupation that began in 1768, impacted daily life in Boston.
  • Adhere to the recommended clothing guidelines provided by the Volunteer Committee, listed below in Resources & Clothing Guidelines. Please note that clothing described as “unacceptable” in these guidelines will be discouraged in 2018, but will transition to unacceptable for future living history events.


Volunteer Committee


Resources & Guidelines