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The story of the Old State House is the story of a growing city. From the time when it was built to be the Town House of Boston, through its life as the capitol building of the Commonwealth, to its current calling as a museum for all people, the Old State House has witnessed and been part of the evolution of America for more than 300 years. Our expert and engaging guides cover the construction and renovation of the building, as well as the functioning of the Colonial and early American governments housed here, crucial events on the road to Revolution, and the influential and ordinary lives that intersected at the Old State House. Hear stories of the people who worked here to shape the course of the nation, and how changing times and changing needs transformed this building from a place where only a privileged few could speak to a place where all our voices can be heard.

Entrance is included with general admission to the Old State House.

This tour runs approximately 25 minutes. Please plan to arrive 5 minutes before the start of the tour.

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The coat of arms of King George III.

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  • How do I get to the Old State House?
    Please visit our Maps & Directions page.

  • Where does the tour begin?
    The tour usually begins in the Council Chamber, upstairs on the second floor of the Old State House.

  • Are there any accessibility concerns to attend the exhibit?
    Please visit our Accessibility FAQs. If you are unable to go up the central flight of stairs, please speak to the front desk and accommodations can be made to keep the tour on the first floor.

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